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Tubin' on Lake Tyler

62,048번 플레이됨
게임 설명

TUBIN' ON LAKE TYLER is a fun Flash water sports game released in 2006 where you'll have a blast cruising across a lake in a boat-pulled buoy!

Armed with your cowboy hat, you will have to collect as many points as possible, represented in the form of Texas stars. You won't control the cowboy in the buoy, but rather the boat pulling it, so you'll have to react quickly so that it can follow your gestures.
In particular, you will have to avoid obstacles such as rocks, sandbanks and other marsh reeds and take ramps to catch the big stars, for even more points. It's hard to master your buoy in the air, but you should get there!
You can also pull your buoy forwards or backwards, but don't go too far, or you might end up out of your line of sight!

추가됨: 29 Dec 2006